Welcome to Haarlem Draaiorgel museum.

You will see the largest mechanical concert organ, built in 1930 by Carl Frei in Breda, together with a nice collection of historical street-, dance and fairground organs. These organs were built to play their entertaining musc, which is programmed on large cardboard music books. They were extremely popular in the first half of the 20th century.

The museum was opened in 1969 and since than completely run by volunteers.

It is opened on most sunday afternoons through the year from 12 to 18 h. The entrance is free

It may also be opened for pre booked groups during other times, when an entrance fee will be asked.

Food, drinks and snacks will be available.

Please ad the postal code 2031 EA nr 3 to your navigator for easy acces.

Extra information can be obtained from info@draaiorgelmuseum.org


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